Description of mobile application «Paradise House»

Description of mobile application «Paradise House»
The application is promotional and informational in nature, is a powerful customer loyalty program tool that helps to attract and retain existing customers. Download mobile apps for FREE. The app presents all the best sides of the restaurant. With the application, restaurant customers can find information about the restaurant menu, expected events, promotions and discounts. On the screen «Our restaurant» presents the address of the restaurant, a brief and detailed description, phone numbers and mode of operation. You can see the photo gallery of the restaurant in the form of a slide show and as separate photos.

Users can accumulate bonus points and change them for gifts. Bonus points are taken into account in the application. When installing the mobile application and registering, the user immediately receives bonus points and the right to receive the first gift that he receives for these points. Bonus points app user also receives after paying the bill at the restaurant. On the accumulated bonus points the user can get free gifts from the restaurant. For example, a piece of cake, dessert, ice cream, a Cup of coffee, etc. Such small but nice gifts create a good impression of visiting the restaurant and contribute to the strengthening of loyalty and positive recommendations from the customers of the restaurant.

Registration and authorization of users in the mobile application is very simple and is performed by phone number, which must be confirmed by SMS received a four-digit confirmation code. Authorization data in the mobile application is stored in the phone memory and re-authorization will be needed rarely only if you are logged out of the user session or reinstalled the mobile application. The mode of access to application functions without authorization is supported. Authorization in the application is not required, but allows you to access useful functionality for the user. For example, the system of accumulation of bonus points and receiving gifts for points.

Users of the application can send feedback about the work of the restaurant through the application. All users who have installed the mobile application of the restaurant will be able to receive the latest information about promotions, discounts, restaurant events, receiving push notifications on their phones.

Using the Google Map user application easily determines the location of the restaurant and will be able to see (calculate) the best route on Google-map to the restaurant. The mobile application contains a description of all the branches of the restaurant their brief and full description, addresses, phone numbers and mode of operation, location on the map. Directly from the application, you can make a call to the administrator and order a Banquet, anniversary, wedding. Through the application, you can send a request for a table reservation. You can book a table in the restaurant using a special form, specifying the date, time, number of guests, name and phone number.

The mobile application contains the restaurant menu. The restaurant’s menu can be viewed by separate categories of dishes. For example, soups, meat, fish, side dishes, drinks, etc. Each dish comes with a detailed description, including a summary and full description, price, weight meals. Favorite dishes from the restaurant’s cuisine can be entered in the “Favorites» section to make them easy to find and order. The selected menu items can be placed in the «Order Basket». When the «Shopping Cart » will be filled you can arrange delivery. With the mobile app, you can easily navigate from the app to the restaurant’s social media accounts and the restaurant’s official website. This ensures the integration of the mobile application with all points of the restaurant’s presence on the Internet. The mobile application becomes a unifying source of the restaurant’s presence on the Internet.

Using the mobile app it is easy to share with your friend information about the restaurant, address, restaurant event, promotion, link to the mobile app. To do this, there is a special section “Share with a friend”, and you can choose any way to share information about the application. It can be a social network or e-mail message.

For fans of karaoke in the mobile application there is a catalog of songs, a poster of karaoke events for each day of the week, the rules of conduct in the karaoke room.

The mobile application has a built-in automatic promotion system that allows you to promote (increase the number of installations) of the mobile application among existing and potential customers. The system of automatic promotion does not require significant costs, which is important because the costs of promoting a mobile application are comparable to the cost of its development or exceed it several times.For the convenience of customers directly from the application, you can order a taxi. You can choose from a list of taxi companies any, which now has free cars.

The mobile application is designed in such a way that allows with minimal modifications and in a short time to adapt the look and functionality of the mobile application for the business of any restaurant, while various options for the design of the main screen can be selected.